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It’s effortless in a way, because things started happening naturally…It kind of felt like I woke up one day and was different.

“Before deciding to do Cat’s coaching program, I was confused, a bit lost, unfocused and unmotivated. Stuck would be the best word. Nothing else seemed to be working, I couldn’t make the time to find another “coach” and felt like I hit a bit of a dead end. The ad on FB popped up and I joined the free intro call, and immediately felt connected. I was skeptical before working with Cat, this attitude of “I can do it myself.” and “Why pay someone to do what I can do?” seemed to be in the back of my mind. If you are considering working with Cat, I encourage you to let go of doubt. She is so down to earth, it made this process so easy. It doesn’t feel like “work” or “homework,” because you start to see the positive effect. Decision making is much easier, and I’m worrying less about what I can’t change at this time. I’m living in the moment and enjoying it, while thinking of the positive outcome for the future. I feel lighter…less weight on my shoulders. I am more confident in my decisions, like they are coming from a really good place so I trust myself more.

Working with Cat is so natural. She’s down to earth and relatable, and not “therapist-y.” Her encouragement makes me smile, and I look forward to our weekly calls to tell her about all the positive shifts happening.  I found these are all things I’ve been wanting to do, just no one to actually make me do it and to show my progress to. It’s effortless in a way, because things started happening naturally. I trust Cat’s opinions and feedback, and the experience feels like success.

It kind of felt like I woke up one day and was different…that surprised me. And in a way, I was also surprised by how relatable, kind and compassionate Cat is. It felt like she always paid attention and really understood where I was coming from, even though we are in different area codes.”

Kerri F.

Owner, AIR Aerial Fitness South Park, AIR Aerial Fitness Myers Park + Mudbum Charlotte

Cat showed me how to enjoy yoga in a different way – in terms balancing the mind body spirit connection.

“When I first met Cat, I definitely did not consider myself a yogi and had tried meditation only a few times with little interest in it. I had done yoga here and there with friends, and I found it to be easy enough but generally boring. It wasn’t an active workout in my mind, and while I felt good afterwards, it wasn’t that appealing to me. However, my view of yoga and my practice completely changed after meeting Cat. Cat’s gentle soothing guidance and breadth of knowledge is so stimulating. She showed me how to enjoy yoga in a different way in terms of what it could do for your personal dosha physically, as well as balancing the mind body spirit connection.

I particularly loved her guided meditations. Her easy to follow meditations helped me immeasurably at a time when I was struggling with great grief over the tragic loss of my husband earlier in the year. It is not an overstatement to say working with Cat was one of the major turning points in my grief journey. I found afterwards I enjoyed yoga and its benefits, and started going once per week at least. The proper positioning she explained so well and benefits of different yoga types to different doshas were tools that stayed with me to greatly help my practice. I gradually increased my love of yoga, using it as an active meditation/prayer session in addition to stretch/exercise. I look forward to the increased feelings of well-being I feel afterwards and use to be a better person. Cat is uniquely gifted and a soothing and talented yoga and meditation teacher – simply the best!”

Colleen R.

Co-Founder, Journey to Good

Cat’s teachings have added another dimension to my life and physical fitness.

“Prior to working with Cat, I did not have the time or the insight to focus on myself both mind and body. I did not have a process for stretching or relaxing. I did not know how to help areas of my body that were sore.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with Cat in a focused manner on whatever we choose to do. Sometimes we focus on relaxing and de-stressing vs other times we take a more active approach. Our time together is sacred and I know that I am only focusing on myself and not worrying about everything else around me in my life. I decided to work with Cat because I liked the idea of a process that incorporates mindfulness with active movement and body introspection. She really understands how the body works and great insight on how to teach, motivate and challenge someone.

Cat is insightful, knowledgeable and creative in her approach. She is always trying something new and willing to challenge me to a higher level, she’s very encouraging and perceptive. I trust her understanding of the body and mind. Working with Cat is also very fun and soothing. She pushed me to levels I never thought I could achieve. She never gave up on me and some of my limitations. And she is always so positive and creative in the approaches she takes.

Through our time together, I have become a little more flexible and able to meditate. I think I may be a little more relaxed overall. Her teachings have added another dimension to my life and physical fitness.”

Client is a doctor with her own practice.
She prefers to remain anonymous.

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